[PVE-User] Problem proxmox 2.0 to forward vmbr1 to eth0, eth1, eth2 VM

Maykel Franco Hernández maykel at maykel.sytes.net
Mon Mar 26 15:47:27 CEST 2012


El 2012-03-26 15:43, Giuliano Natali (Diaolin) escribió: 

> Maykel
Franco Hernández wrote:
>> I agree but I If I install debian without
Proxmox, and the interface eth0 assigned ip, ip eth1, eth2 ip, I'm sure
the ping, it responds with a different mac. And the proxmox no.
With the two interfaces withouth cables??????
> No, i think that's
not true
> Detach the cables and you'll see that the arp is the same
of the attached
> cable
> Diaolin

Noooo, I am sorry misspoken.
Assigning ips and with the cable connected of course.

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