[PVE-User] Recommended root partition size

rob rob at fantinibakery.com
Sat Mar 24 16:43:39 CET 2012

On 03/24/2012 06:48 AM, Yılmaz Bilgili wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am setting up a new PVE 2.0. I have total 600 GB of raid storage. 
> 4*300GB raid 10 + 1*300GB hot spare.
> I will run 1 pfSense, 1 Windows 2008 + SQL, 1 Windows DC + File server 
> as guest. (maybe +1 debian for back up purposes)
> If I go with setup defaults I have 410 GB of pve-data, 100 GB of root 
> and others...
> My questions are,
> How Proxmox setup decides size of root partition?
> 1332598321.M100080P14476.mail. Just make o
> Do I need 100 GB of root partition?
> How big you recommend?
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards.
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What kind of card is it?

Using 3ware in the start up bios the raid 10 can be split so that there 
is say 10-20G for boot/root disk.
then set up the 2-nd disk for pve-storage . Use LVM so that snapshot 
backups work. Just save free space on the LVM for snapshot backup.

I used to do the above, but now use the defaults as there is less to 
deal with. The extra root space can be used for pve storage . In pve 
storage use a directory like /bkup or /pve-tmp and store iso , backups 
or whatever you want.

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