[PVE-User] Problems migrating from Vmware to Proxmox - Windows 2000

Antonio Sanguigni a.sanguigni at gmail.com
Sat Mar 24 11:45:46 CET 2012

2012/3/23 claudio.prono at atpss.net <claudio.prono at atpss.net>:

> Uhm, i have tried also with the different .reg file for the ide drivers,

Did you cheked the presence in C:\winnt\system32\drivers of all them
on the wiki ? I mean, intelide.sys, atapi.sys etc... Also, check which
driver windows 2000 are using now.

> making a different hardware profile, cleaning it of drivers, tryied to
> make a preallocated virtual disk, converted to raw format, tried to fix
> the disk before boot with trk boot disk, but nothing, that bluescreen is
> always present...

Did you tried to use dd or massclone ? Massclone is easy but I was
unsuccessful. Maybe it was ok if I did all the things in my forum's

Try with dd.

> If anyone have some good hint for me, is well accepted.

I tried also Selfimage installed on windows xp. No blue screen but it
was unsuccessful. Just hang on boot :O


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