[PVE-User] Server freezes without log messages

Steve Weber sw at it-netservice.de
Wed Jun 20 08:28:47 CEST 2012


maybe I have a solution for you.

we had a similiar problem at one of our Proxmox machines.
We moved the VMs to another Proxmox machine and ran a lot of hardware and software
tests all with no result.

Suddenly the other Proxmox machine started to making problems.

We moved all VMs back, and begun the identifying of the troublemaker VM.
At this point of time only two VMs are left. One is running Ubuntu 10 and the other Debian 5.

Our problem is caused by a VM.
The server halted without any log entry. Also the VMs themselves show no problems.

If you can, try to move the VMs step by step and look for the troublemaking VM.


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