[PVE-User] Problem with Proxmox, Server 2003 and VPN

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Latest virtio: http://people.redhat.com/vrozenfe/build-27/
Also try KVM 1.1rc3, currently in pvetest repository.


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I have a problem with Proxmox 2.1 in combination with Windows Server 2003 and VPN.

A Windows Server 2003 which is used as a terminal server loses his connection to the offices of our customer.
The terminal server is located in our company and the offices create an IPSec-VPN to an IPFire in our company.
Both terminal server and IPFire (VPN-Firewall) are virtualized on the same Proxmox 2.1 server.
The connection is lost for ten minutes. After this it works about an hour and then starts from the beginning.
The server has two ethernet connections, one is for the customer and one is for our backup net.

| PC and printer - VPN-router  | --- (Internet) --- | IPFire - Windows Server 2003|

When the server loses its connection to the printers and VPN-routers in the offices, it still can ping the IPFire.
At the same time the IPFire can ping and connect to the VPN-routers and printers, so the VPN-tunnel is not the

This is what I tried with the Windows Server 2003:
I tried changing the network interfaces from VIRTIO to RTL8139 without any change. We use the latest stable version of the VIRTIO drivers. If possible, could you send me a link for downloading the latest drivers (maybe unstable, or something).
I tried running the server only with one instead of two CPU-cores.
I migrated the virtual machines on another Proxmox 2.1 server with other hardware, but with no changes at all.

Till last week, before we moved the machines from a Proxmox 1.9 server to one with Proxmox 2.1, everything was fine.
On the Proxmox 2.1 server are running virtual machines with a combination of IPFire and Windows Server 2008
without any problems.

Please help.

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