[PVE-User] How to add a second router to same Proxmox server?

Guy guy at britewhite.net
Wed Jun 13 19:45:46 CEST 2012

Why not use VLANs on your pfsense firewall I do this all the time. 

On a side note. You can't have two default routes. You can add routes to specific networks. As this is standard Debian you can google for details on setting that up

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On 13 Jun 2012, at 18:37, Bruce B <bruceb444 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> I have a SuperMicro server with two NIC ports on it. Eth0 is connected to a pfSense router and all the VM and Containers obtain DHCP IP from that router via Proxmox vmbr0. I want to add another router to the equation for redundancy and also because we got another block of IP addresses that I want to use. My current pfSense router doesn't have the ports needed to do the job so I need a second pfSense router for this. This is what I see in Network setup now:
> Name:	Active:		Autostart:	Ports/Slaves:	Subnet 		mask:		Gateway:
> eth0	         Yes		           No
> eth1	         No		           No
> vmbr0	Yes		           Yes		eth0
> I have previously lost access to Proxmox GUI when turning on the eth1. I don't have the luxury of testing now. I have to do this precisely and correctly. So my questions are:
> 1- What files backup should I do first so that if I loose access to Proxmox GUI, I can restore them and do a "network restart" and get it all running to previous working state?
> 2- The new router will be supply IP ranges. After I connect it to eth1 port on the server, what should I do to turn it on.
> 3- Once it's setup, how do I go about dictating which VM or Container should obtain IP from which interface? do I need a vmbr1?
> Thanks
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