[PVE-User] Fencing in Proxmox HA

Jonathan Schaeffer jonathan.schaeffer at univ-brest.fr
Fri Jun 8 08:39:51 CEST 2012

Hi list,

we have a 3 nodes cluster here, connected to a SAN through iSCSI. All
nodes have opened sessions to the LUNs, and each LUN serves as direct
disk device for KVM virtual hosts.
At least, this is were we are heading to.

One of the questions we could'nt answer through the doc is when the
fencing of a host takes place.

The obvious use case we tried out is when one host is not reachable by
the others anymore. Fencing acts as expected.
But is there other statuses monitored by the fencing ?
For instance, I would like to make sure that the physical host running a
VM has an active session to the LUN. If not, then the VM has to migrate
offline to another physical host of the cluster.
Can Proxmox setup such a behaviour ?

Secondary question : I could'nt find out any extensive documentation
about the <rg/> configuration in cluster.conf.
I saw exemples using <service/> tag or <pve/>, is there other
possibilities ?


IUEM - Service Informatique
rue Dumont D'Urville
Technopôle Brest-Iroise
29280 Plouzané
tel: +33 2 98 49 87 94

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