[PVE-User] No NFS mounts after upgrade

rob rob at fantinibakery.com
Sat Jul 28 11:25:25 CEST 2012

On 07/27/2012 03:45 PM, Hart, Brian R. wrote:
> Its very interesting.  Our NFS server has two connections, one on an
> isolated private network that is reachable by our proxmox cluster and one
> that is a little more public to our organization but is not directly
> public to the internet, if that makes sense.  Because of this, the NFS
> server has iptables rules filtering a lot of stuff and so NFS was hard set
> to specific ports for firewall purposes (as is common in this case).  It
> seems that, for whatever reason, after doing the aptitude full-upgrade to
> version 2.1-12 that proxmox didn't like the ports that our NFS server was
> using.  To get around it we disabled static ports as a test and setup the
> server to allow all connections on the subnet that the proxmox cluster is
> on.  This isn't really ideal to our setup in the long run, but it makes
> our NFS server accessible to proxmox once again.
> I would still say this is probably a bug as nothing changed on the NFS
> server and there was just an upgrade to proxmox that created this issue.
> I couldn't explain WHY proxmox had an issue with the ports being
> non-standard, but in the end it seems that was the case.
> Just wanted to update the list on the off chance that somebody stumbled
> across a similar problem later.
> Thanks,

  We had a lot of nfs issues  before upgrading   nfs-kernel-server to 
use  squeeze-backports  .

  Try checking  the bug reports at  
http://packages.debian.org/squeeze/nfs-kernel-server  and for nfs-common  .

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