[PVE-User] Mount Disk Virtual Machine on Physical Server

Luca Fornasari luca.fornasari at upprovider.it
Tue Jan 31 09:10:29 CET 2012

Or you can install "kpartx" hat will do the offset job for you.
Don't forget to unmount tha partion *before* restarting the VM

Luca Fornasari

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Subject: Re: [PVE-User] Mount Disk Virtual Machine on Physical Server
From: Massimo Santoro <massimo at tuxel.com>
To: Francesco Gabriele <francesco.gabriele at gmail.com>
CC: pve-user at pve.proxmox.com
Date: 01/31/2012 09:11 AM
> On 31/01/2012 08:19, Francesco Gabriele wrote:
>> mount -t offset=1000341504B /dev/vg0-srvyellow/vm-101-disk-1 /mnt/prova
> there's a "B" that shouldn't be there...
> Massimo
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