[PVE-User] Release date of 2.0 - and updating to it from beta?

Tom H. Lautenbacher mailinglists at tom.lautenbacher.biz
Tue Jan 24 12:45:09 CET 2012

Hello dear Proxmox-users,

I have tested Proxmox 1.x and think it is a great solution for bare 
metal virtualization. Therefore I am planning to use it for my 
productive servers, as soon as 2.0-final will be released.

1. The roadmap states "1. quarter 2012" as the ETA since the end of 2011.
Is there any more concrete release date communicated in the meantime or 
is the date still uncertain? Will the next release be the final version, 
or are we awaiting some release candidates first to that?

2. How about updating from a current beta to the final version as soon 
as it arrives. Is this possible and safe for a productive system or 
would you recommend to avoid that and wait for the final version to have 
a "clean" installation to start with instead of using an updated former 
beta version as a productive system.

Thanks for any info about this and thank you for this great project!


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