[PVE-User] qcow2 "snapshot": are they feasible/planned?

Dietmar Maurer dietmar at proxmox.com
Tue Jan 3 15:27:09 CET 2012

> > Restoring a vzdump backup is really easy - I never had any problems with that.
> Good to see that you "...never had any problems with that...". Have you tried to
> "vzdump" a system running a busy DB server (MySQL / Oracle /
> SQL-Server) and, afterward, restoring it?
> Have you had any issues? I'm really interested.

Worst thing that can happen is that you need to repair the database - But that was
never a problem (for me).
> I really think that, in case of DB, the only two "guarranted" ways to use vzdump
> are:
> 1 => Stop MySQL Server; vzdump; restart MySQL;
> 2 => Dump MySQL DBs; vzdump.
> Both solutions are "safe" but only regarding MySQL. Solution 2 can be time-
> consuming, depending on the size of DBs.
> What about other processes that store important data "in memory"?

Any reasonable application should have transactions and flush everything
to disk (like a DB, or a journaling FS).

> It looks to me that in both case, restoring from previous vzdump will lead to a
> "corrupted" file-system, requiring an FSCK (at least).

Yes - and why is that a problem? Did you ever had any problem with that?

Anyways, It would be an easy addition to vzdump to dump all memory too (it just
had no time to implement that).

- Dietmar

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