[PVE-User] qcow2 "snapshot": are they feasible/planned?

Damiano Verzulli damiano at verzulli.it
Tue Jan 3 09:09:24 CET 2012

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Hi all,

	I'm currently evaluating several FOSS-based virtualization-environment in
order to deploy a new "mission-critical" infrastructure. As a "bare-metal"
solution is a plus, and KVM support is a must, proxmox quickly became the
main candidate.

	Unfortunatly, after setting-up a testbed (1.x), I realized that a
"critical-feature" --having the platform supporting QCOW2-snapshot-- is

	I'm referring to QCOW-snapshotting, and _NOT_ LVM snapshotting, as they
are two _very_ different features: I want to be able to snapshot a VM
without shutdown down it (a few-seconds "stop" could be ok) being sure that
all the state of the VM (memory and filehandles included) will be saved.

	I saw that requirements for QCOW2-snapshot are met by proxmox: KVM support
and QCOW as storage backend. So it seems that the only things that is
missing is some "web interface".

	Will proxmox support such a feature?

	Or am I wrong and... the feature is already there... and I simply missed it?

	Thanks in advance,
	Damiano Verzulli

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