[PVE-User] Some questions about PVE 2.0

Julien Garet julien.garet at inria.fr
Mon Jan 2 23:47:47 CET 2012


I am looking at PVE 2.0 and have a few questions about it. First of all, I am currently running for branch offices, independant clusters of 2 kvm nodes, using corosync for HA and glusterfs as shared storage and I was asked a GUI to manage the virtual machines. PVE 2.0 seems to be very close to what I was but there 2 or 3 things I would like to know. What is important to me is that each cluster must be composed of two nodes only (with a physical link between them, with 2 ethernet cables on two different network cards). 

- As said, I have clusters of 2 nodes, I've seen multi master requires 3 nodes. Is the limit hard coded ? Can it be easily changed ? (with my setup, I am pretty sure I won't have split brain issues, if one node does not respond, it won't be able to do some fencing) 
- Can we tell the network interface for ha management ? 
- Is there any work on getting glusterfs for PVE ? (bricks and volumes management in the web interface) 
- Is it possible to create virtual machines through the PVE API or CLI ? (or with libvirt) 
- Is it possible to PXE boot virtual machines to install systems ? 

Thanks for your work, 

Julien Garet 

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