[PVE-User] Remove a Node completely

Mykel at mWare.ca Mykel at mWare.ca
Sun Dec 30 04:58:59 CET 2012

On 12-12-25 19:18, Martin Maurer wrote:
> [Martin Maurer]
> Just follow the wiki - http://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Proxmox_VE_2.0_Cluster#Remove_a_cluster_node
> Never power it on again, remove all data on it (e.g. reinstall).

Is there any intention of improving that? It's awfully drastic to go 
back to bare iron, especially since this isn't like a VM - reloading a 
machine can be extremely onerous. (To the point that I've got a brand 
new machine sitting idle for another month until I go to the datacenter 
500KM away to reload the OS.)

As per the OP's other reply, could speficially nuking things in 
/etc/cluster, /var/lib/cluster, /etc/ssh/ (and so on) not revert 
sufficiently to be added to a new/different cluster? At least under a 
different identifier?

If one can't/doesn't physically disconnect the deleted node from a 
cluster, does it re-contaminate other nodes? Could this damage the whole 


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