[PVE-User] VE2.2 Cluster error

Tanács Dávid Szilveszter tanacsdavid at sosperec.hu
Mon Dec 3 17:11:27 CET 2012



I have a 2.2 cluster now, and have a little problem with
it. There's currently no HA or fencing set (those are future plans),
only simple online migration, done by hand. When I migrate from 01 to
02, I have no issue, works perfectly. But the opposite direction, from
02 to 01, the machines operate for ~20 minutes, and then all freezes. No
answer for ping, frozen screens on console, wether linux, or windows.
When I restart, all the machines work well for ages. 

The two machines
are slightly different. 

01: 6xAMD Phenom II X6 1090T, 16GB RAM 

8xAMD FX-8150 Eight Core Processor, 16GB RAM 

The storage is a rock
solid NFS server, with dedicated LAN to the nodes, and unchanged for
over a year now. 

Both have Proxmox Virtual Environment
2.2-31/e94e95e9, installed and apt-get updated, upgraded at the same
time. This was a problem with 2.1, too, but worked excellent in 1.9

Why is this problem? Is there any fix/workaround for it? The HA
cluster is the reason, why I need the 2.x series, so going back to 1.9
is not really an option. 

Thank You for Your answers! 

Best regards,

David Tanacs 
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