[PVE-User] connectivity fail from KVM guest. Proxmox 2.1

Muhammad Yousuf Khan sirtcp at gmail.com
Thu Aug 30 08:57:56 CEST 2012

ok i found it, the problem was with the VLAN. and i think its a
problem in PVE or may be my poor understanding with the GUI.
actually when i select a LAN card by default it shows No-VLAN how ever
i mistakenly press the up arrow key and later when i try to make it
No-VLAN i couldnt find the option for that, when i forcefully "0" the
value it  throw and error so i thought VLAN1 is the default and it
would mean No-VLAN.
i think PVE GUI should give an option for No-VLAN (which is by
default) so if some one mistakenly change the VLAN he could change it
back to No-VLAN option.


On Thu, Aug 30, 2012 at 11:22 AM, Muhammad Yousuf Khan <sirtcp at gmail.com> wrote:
> any idea please. i am trying to migrate from 1.9 to 2.1 here are some specs.
> Xeon 2.4GHz , 8GB RAM, 500GBx2 RAID 1 and Debian squeeze 6.0.5
>  every thing is working as expected. i can can reach the base machine
> but i can not make my guest OS reach other systems in network.
> please help
> On Wed, Aug 29, 2012 at 6:37 PM, Muhammad Yousuf Khan <sirtcp at gmail.com> wrote:
>> i just install Proxmox 2.1 on debian OS 6.0.5 squeeze for testing
>> purpose, everything went well from creating vm to XP guest
>> installation however at the end i can not make my gust OS (win XP) to
>> communicate with other VMs running on 1.9 or other physical machines.
>> when i ping it gives me request timed out. here is the setting.
>> cores: 1
>> ide0: data:100/vm-100-disk-1.raw,size=15G
>> ide2: local:iso/xp2006.ISO,media=cdrom,size=626784K
>> memory: 512
>> name: test
>> net0: rtl8139=6E:CD:16:67:D9:3C,bridge=vmbr0,tag=1
>> ostype: wxp
>> sockets: 1
>> i am following this document for preparing the base machine
>> http://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Install_Proxmox_VE_on_Debian_Squeeze
>> Thanks,

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