[PVE-User] pxe installation with windows

Dennis Burgess dmburgess at linktechs.net
Tue Aug 14 16:06:25 CEST 2012

Ya, I'm sure this has been done a number of times, but for the life of
me I can't get it all L  


I don't have lots of Linux experience nor a Linux desktop to really
setup a PXE system.  I simply want to PXE install 10 servers with
Proxmox.  As they do not have USB ports or CD drives.  I have Serva
that is a TFTP/web/DHCP Server, and supports the installation, what I
don't know is how to take the ISO and place it into the system to boot
etc..  I created the folder under the TFTP/WIA_RIS folder called
Proxmox, but apparently you can't just copy the DVD contents to get it
to work L  


Any help, offlist is fine would be great!


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