[PVE-User] moving to Ubuntu 12.04, rsyslog kernel bug resurfaces

Peter Sarossy peter.sarossy at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 21:20:53 CEST 2012

hey guys,

I've started testing the new Ubuntu 12.04 images. Till now everything works
as expected, no regressions.
What I did run into is that since the hardware node kernel is not
particularly new (many upstream patches missing), it triggers bugs where
the new packages don't work as expected.

One of the most obvious ones is RSyslog. The versions included with the
12.04 branch have their initscripts converted to Upstart jobs. An old
this <https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/515623>) describes
the issue. Basically rsyslog cannot read /proc/kmesg due to lack of
permissions (lacks CAP_SYS_ADMIN not only to open /proc/kmsg, but also to
read from it. This results in 100% cpu spin on the VMs.
There are patches that fix the problem in

Is there a chance integrate this into the next kernel release?

Peter Sarossy
Data Center Operations - Google inc.
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