[PVE-User] NFS share do not mount from GUI but succeed with CLI

Hart, Brian R. brianhart at ou.edu
Fri Aug 3 00:10:39 CEST 2012


I'm not familiar with the Windows Server as an NFS Server.  But I had
posted a message to this list just a week or two ago regarding NFS against
a linux box.  I had the linux box modified to use non-standard ports for
NFS and I had the exact same symptoms as you.  I could mount it from the
command line with a normal mount command and everything but the proxmox
GUI wouldn't connect.  I don't understand why, but as soon as I returned
the NFS server to standard ports and removed the firewall between the
proxmox/nfs server everything worked.

I would maybe look into what port(s) the windows server is using and maybe
even consider adding a rule to any firewalls to allow all connections
between your proxmox nodes and your windows server.  At least as a test to
see if this is related.

Before I saw you were using Windows Server I figured you had the exact
same issue because I literally had the EXACT same results!

Hope this helps --

Brian Hart
Systems Administration Specialist
University of Oklahoma

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From: Laurent LEGENDRE <geminux50 at gmail.com>
Date: Thursday, August 2, 2012 6:29 AM
To: "pve-user at pve.proxmox.com" <pve-user at pve.proxmox.com>
Subject: [PVE-User] NFS share do not mount from GUI but succeed with CLI

>We build a 3 nodes cluster (without HA) connected to a SAN for KVM
>We also have a NAS with an NFS share for backups.
>I can add the nfs share (showmount works, we're able to the remote
>exports) but proxmox never mounts it and do not show any
>errors...(even after reboot)
>However manual mount works well ! Any idea ??
># mkdir /mnt/pve/NFS_BKPS
># mount -o vers=3,rw /mnt/pve/NFS_BKPS
>###### mount
> on /mnt/pve/NFS_BKPS type nfs
>###### cat /etc/pve/storage.cfg
>nfs: NFS_BKPS
>    path /mnt/pve/NFS_BKPS
>    server
>    export /backups_proxmox
>    options vers=3
>    content backup
>    maxfiles 1
>###### pveversion --verbose
>pve-manager: 2.1-12 (pve-manager/2.1/be112d89)
>running kernel: 2.6.32-13-pve
>proxmox-ve-2.6.32: 2.1-72
>pve-kernel-2.6.32-11-pve: 2.6.32-66
>pve-kernel-2.6.32-13-pve: 2.6.32-72
>lvm2: 2.02.95-1pve2
>clvm: 2.02.95-1pve2
>corosync-pve: 1.4.3-1
>openais-pve: 1.1.4-2
>libqb: 0.10.1-2
>redhat-cluster-pve: 3.1.92-2
>resource-agents-pve: 3.9.2-3
>fence-agents-pve: 3.1.8-1
>pve-cluster: 1.0-27
>qemu-server: 2.0-45
>pve-firmware: 1.0-17
>libpve-common-perl: 1.0-28
>libpve-access-control: 1.0-24
>libpve-storage-perl: 2.0-27
>vncterm: 1.0-2
>vzctl: 3.0.30-2pve5
>vzprocps: 2.0.11-2
>vzquota: 3.0.12-3
>pve-qemu-kvm: 1.1-6
>ksm-control-daemon: 1.1-1
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>pve-user at pve.proxmox.com

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