[PVE-User] Backup VM online with snapshot LVM2

Stefan Sänger stsaenger at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 25 17:17:02 CEST 2012

Am 25.04.2012 16:32, schrieb Maykel Franco Hernández:
> Hi, I'm doing backup the VM online but I received this error:
> INFO: adding '/var/lib/vz/images/101/vm-101-disk-1.raw' to archive
> ('vm-disk-virtio0.raw')

Looks like your VM uses a raw file as virtual hard disk. RAW does not 
support snapshots, hence the VM has to be suspended.

> How can I create the VM with LVM2??

Well - you have to add a LVM volume group as storage und use this as 
storage for your VM. Have a look at

In theory qcow2 image files should support snapshot as well, but I have 
never used that so far.

HTH, Stefan

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