[PVE-User] Questions about fencing setup

Dietmar Maurer dietmar at proxmox.com
Sat Apr 14 07:53:32 CEST 2012

> First, what does <method name="1"> in clusternode fence config mean?

This is just an identifier for the fence method 

> Will it power off the server in case of fencing action is required?

Usually a reboot is better.

> If so - I assume that the iDRAC access will be dead as well and I have to
> power on the server again manually, right?

Hopefully not - you should test that.

> Second - and probably more important - what is here:
> <rm>
>      <service autostart="1" exclusive="0" name="TestIP" recovery="relocate">
>        <ip address=""/>
>      </service>
> </rm>
> Is this some kind of ping node to see if the network is still alive?

This is an example how to configure a failover IP address.

Simply do not use if you do not understand it.

> And at last - let's assume the node died because of hardware failure,
> e.g. defunct mainboard or even better - defunct PDU in redundant PSU.
> After fixing the hardware issues, how to bring the node back online again?

Press the power on button?

- Dietmar

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