[PVE-User] Recovery VM DISK

Alessandro Briosi ab1 at metalitnord.com
Wed Apr 11 18:20:19 CEST 2012

Il 11/04/2012 17:00, Francesco Gabriele ha scritto:
> Good evening,
> we are facing a problem since one vm hard disk (*vm-108-disk-1.raw*)
> which was stored in the following path:
> */storage_lvm/images/108*
> had been deleted.

The file has been deleted, but it's still in use, so you can do a copy 
from the link in /proc

try with something like

lsof | grep vm-108

you should see something like

kvm <pid> root <fileid>u ..... /storage_lvm/images/vm-108-disk-1.raw 

that's the file you want to backup with a cat or some other tools.

cat /proc/<pid>/fd/<fileid> > /backup/<whatever your file is named>

cat /proc/729/fd/5 > /backup/vm108-disk.raw

dunno if there's a way to create a hard-link from that reference.


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