[PVE-User] Control Proxmox from a custom WebUI

William will at tuxguy.org
Wed Apr 18 09:52:22 CEST 2012

Hi All,

I would like to create a custom webUI to stop / restore and start KVM 
machines on demand (without granting end user access to Proxmox ).
The Goal is to build a test lab with different set off virtual images 
that the user can bring up on demand. Each lab has a predefined set of 
VM images, and the end user shouldn't have to restore the VM individually.

Would you know what is the best and more robust way to proceed with 
proxmox? How should I interface my WebUI with Proxmox?

- Perl Lib?
- Proxmox API?
- Command line?

Any links or reference would be really appreciate.

Thanks in advance for your advise and feedback,

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