[PVE-User] Questions about fencing setup

Stefan Sänger stsaenger at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 12 16:16:56 CEST 2012


I am just migrating some servers from pve 1.9 to pve 2. Icluded with 
this task is setting up HA on two special nodes.

first two nodes should use HA and drbd, so I set them up according to 
proxmox wiki with

nodes 1 and 2:

/dev/sda  volume group pve with root, swap and data
/dev/sdb  volume for drbd device, standard usage on first node
/dev/sdc  volume for drbd device, standard usage on second node
/dev/sdd  local volume, unused up to now

node 3:

/dev/sda  volume group pve with root, swap and data
/dev/sdb  local volume, unused up to now

DRBD is set up with these two volumes, and drbd sync is done. All nodes 
are joined two a cluster - so now it is time for fencing setup.
All nodes are Dell servers and come with iDRAC6 - so I figure I can use 
ence_drac5 as fence agent.

But there are some aspects I am not sure about yet - these are parts of 
fencing setup.

First, what does <method name="1"> in clusternode fence config mean?
Will it power off the server in case of fencing action is required?
If so - I assume that the iDRAC access will be dead as well and I have 
to power on the server again manually, right?

Second - and probably more important - what is here:
     <service autostart="1" exclusive="0" name="TestIP" recovery="relocate">
       <ip address=""/>

Is this some kind of ping node to see if the network is still alive?

And at last - let's assume the node died because of hardware failure, 
e.g. defunct mainboard or even better - defunct PDU in redundant PSU.

After fixing the hardware issues, how to bring the node back online again?

Thanks in advance and best regards,


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