[PVE-User] Promox version 2.0 - 2 questions

David Thompson david at digitaltransitions.ca
Tue Apr 3 13:30:00 CEST 2012

Hi all

I am testing the final build and I have 2 questions that I cannot seem to find answers to:

1.) How do I remove a node from a cluster and or how do I start the cluster over from scratch? I think I made some mistakes on the test setup and don't want to reinstall from scratch but would like to reset the node and cluster config. I know there is a document on the wiki for version 1.x. Is this the same method with version number 2?

2.) I have a centralized storage export over NFS. I have it setup to be a backup, container, ISO, and virtual storage location.  The share mounts on both my nodes properly. The problem however is that when I restore a container to the NFS and private folder, the vm will start without any issues, is pingable, I can ssh into it etc, however I can't get services like bind to start. It fails on both servers I have tried to restore to and start. 

As soon as I restore it to back to some internal drive it works just fine as it should. Is there something that I should be setting on the container or within Promox config to get this working properly?

Thanks for any information you can provide me with. Version 2.0 is looking really good so far!

David Thompson

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