[PVE-User] upgrade 1.9->2.0: create backup without data (use SAN storage)

dea dea at corep.it
Tue Apr 3 08:31:54 CEST 2012

Good morning to all !

I use an HP Proliant as SAN (pure Debian 6.0 ISCSI server to storage RAW LVM),
connected 10gbit fibre eth to another HP Proliant with Proxmox (1.9).

The second server contains no data, only the configuration of virtual
machines, ISCSI LUN, etc..

If upgrade (I would completely reinstall the second server using Proxmox 2.0),
can I create a backup without data (configuration only) ?

Can I backup the configuration in "/etc" and restore VM manually on Proxmox 2.0 ?

Very thanks


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