[PVE-User] RAID 10 with proxmox

Alain Péan alain.pean at lpp.polytechnique.fr
Mon Sep 19 09:36:35 CEST 2011

Hi Muhammad,

Raid 10 is not common for a fake Raid, I would presume it is real Raid. 
Do you know what Raid Controller you have ? Normally, the hardware 
drivers are included in the linux kernel, and Promox kernel (the last, 
2.6.32-6 is based on RHEL 6 one) contains a lot of them. The Proxmox 
team even includes more drivers if they are available and are requested 
by users.

But the normal way to setup Raid volume (for example Raid 10), if it is 
a real hardware Raid Conttroller, is to enter the Raid bios Setup (often 
Ctrl-A when you power on the server), and inside this Raid setup, you 
configure your Raid (selecting the level, the disks included in the 
volume, and so on, see the documentation of your Raid Controller). Then 
there is a long Raid initialization phase, and only when it is 
completed, you can try to install Proxmox-ve. If the Raid controller is 
recognized, the installer will see one disk, your Raid 10 volume, and 
happilly install on it.

Be sure there is a Battery Board Unit (BBU) on your Raid Controller if 
there is Ram cache.

Hope this helps.


Le 19/09/2011 09:19, Muhammad Yousuf Khan a écrit :
> ok guyz, thanks for the advice. i will discuss all the stuff with my 
> team. and hopefully will come to a  conclusion.
> Thank you,
> 2011/9/16 Frédéric Massot <frederic at juliana-multimedia.com 
> <mailto:frederic at juliana-multimedia.com>>
>     Le 16/09/2011 14:52, Muhammad Yousuf Khan a écrit :
>         Dear All,
>         i have a Intel base server machine S5500BC to which i want to
>         install
>         Proxmox 1.9 pr 1.8 with RAID 10 option this is a builtin
>         motherboard
>         option. now the problem is when i use the bootable CD for this
>         motherboard that contain the RAID Drivers (Regardless of fake or
>         hardware RAID) i can see only 3 OS options. RHEL , Windows,
>         SUSE but i
>         can not see debian or any other. now my need is RAID 10 with
>         Proxmox and
>         CD is not compatible with Proxmox . please guide me to
>         overcome the issue.
>     Hi,
>     It is quite common as a question, the answer is always the same,
>     do not use the fake RAID.
>     How data are stored is unique to the model of the motherboard. If
>     the motherboard fails, it will have the same model to retrieve
>     data from RAID.
>     So using the Linux RAID software or true RAID hardware with a card.
>     In the case of RAID hardware, check which models are compatible
>     with each other and buy a spare card.
>     Regards.
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