[PVE-User] Moving Windows 2000 Server from VMWare to Proxmox

Hart, Brian R. brianhart at ou.edu
Sat Sep 10 14:38:40 CEST 2011

I got lucky and figured this out.  The wiki mentions when converting that
if a single growable disk doesn't boot to do a full preallocated disk (for
the vmdk).  My disk was booting so I didn't think this was an issue but I
think its what was causing my problems.  I didn't convert it using the
vmware tools though to get it to a full preallocated disk, instead I ran
it through qemu-img and converted it to a raw disk and then dd'd it into
my LVM volumes.  The errors seem to have gone away now.  Hope this helps
somebody else!


Brian Hart

On 9/9/11 7:31 AM, "Hart, Brian R." <brianhart at ou.edu> wrote:

>I've been following the instructions for migrating from vmware to proxmox
>in the wiki.  I don't know if I've missed a step or what's going on but
>when the system gets moved over to Proxmox I keep getting "Delayed Write
>Failed" errors.  Researching this has turned up a number of things most of
>which don't apply to a virtual machine.  Has anybody experienced this or
>have any suggestions on where I should start tracking these errors down?
>Brian Hart
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