[PVE-User] How to move Windows KVM to another proxmox server?

Frederic MASSOT frederic at juliana-multimedia.com
Sun Sep 4 18:31:10 CEST 2011

Le 01/09/2011 23:07, Hart, Brian R. a écrit :
> For KVM Machines, unless I'm forgetting something, you will also need some
> sort of shared storage for a live migration.  If you're not looking for a
> live migration I think you can do an offline migration w/o shared storage
> as long as they are in a cluster.


In the case of a cluster, live migration is possible with a shared storage.

In the case of servers that are not in a cluster, it is not possible to 
live migration of VM. It should be copied the VM by rsync, ssh or ftp 
between servers. In the case of a raw disk on logical volume, use kpartx 
to mount the partition.

But in the case of a cluster without shared storage, I do not see how to 
migrate the VM. In the cluster there is only storage that is accessible 
from the master, the nodes do not have storage for a migration, logical 
volumes of the nodes are not accessible.

Do I have summarized the possibilities?

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