[PVE-User] Is it safe to upgrade from Proxmox-ve-2.6.18 to Proxmox-ve-2.6.35 at one shot?

Martin Maurer martin at proxmox.com
Fri Sep 2 10:39:27 CEST 2011

Hi all,

There is some confusion here, let summarize again:

The current situation:
The current Proxmox VE 2.6.32 Kernel is based on Squeeze with a lot of updated drivers and other fixes specially for Proxmox VE. And Squeeze used the OpenVZ patches from their 2.6.32 branch. 

The OpenVZ announcement:
Now, OpenVZ announced that they will stop maintaining their 2.6.32 branch and will only do this for RHEL6 2.6.32. So it's a bit confusing that they say the stop 2.6.32 and next, they say 2.6.32 is stable.
The Debian kernel team is a bit disappointed about this since a long time but it looks like the OpenVZ team just have the resources to maintain one branch and this is the RHEL6 2.6.32. This means, there is now a stable 2.6.9, 2.6.18 and 2.6.32 kernel from the OpenVZ team. (Proxmox VE 1.8 currently uses 2.6.18, which is based on the stable OpenVZ RHEL5 branch)

The next steps for Proxmox VE:
Proxmox VE will use the new and stable 2.6.32 which is based on the stable OpenVZ, stable, maintained and recommended. (based on RHEL6.x and therefore long-term supported with a lot of back ports and fixes from newer kernels). We also add some new drivers (e.g. for the latest raid cards, nicĀ“s like e1000e or bnx2, ... and do also optimizations for Proxmox VE).

Proxmox VE 1.x compared to Proxmox VE 2.x:
This kernel will be introduced to Proxmox VE 1.x pvetest and finally leads to 1.9 - which is probably the last major release of the 1.x series. Currently we test this kernel in the test lab, working great so far. Also, this kernel will be used in the first beta of 2.x. This also helps to eliminate kernel related migration issues. 

What about 2.6.35?
We had to introduce this additional branch in the past due to user requests for KSM. But as KSM works soon also in our 2.6.32 kernel this branch gets obsolete and we will not provide further updates.

So in short: 
just go for 'aptitude install proxmox-ve-2.6.32' (which will provide quite soon the new kernel)


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