[PVE-User] asterisk on container

Giuliano Monti Avellino giulianomontiavellino at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 14:19:34 CET 2011

In fact, part of the firewall is like this:

$IPT -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp -d $ip_address --dport 8101 -i $INET_IFACE
-j DNAT --to-destination,22
$IPT -A FORWARD -i $INET_IFACE -p tcp --dport 8100 -j ACCEPT
$IPT -I FORWARD -d -p tcp --dport 8100 -j ACCEPT

I'm new to all this, at the college almost finishing, awill aprreciate the


2011/10/31 Guy <guy at britewhite.net>

> Do you have any firewall rules on the PBX or elsewhere which might be
> effecting this?
> I have my asterisk PBX in PVE and it's working fine so I know it can be
> done.  My IP on the PBX is bridged and live on the internet through a
> firewall in transparent mode, as NAT and asterisk not play nice.
> --Guy
> On 31 Oct 2011, at 12:43, Giuliano Monti Avellino wrote:
> I do have an asterisk installation and it is working without problem. I
> can access thru https://external_ip:8101/admin/ to manage the pbx with
> freepbx.
> The problem come when i try to register a sip or iax2 extension, this has
> been impossible so far.
> Can somebody help me out with this.
> Giuliano
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