[PVE-User] ssh from internet

Guy guy at britewhite.net
Mon Oct 31 13:51:08 CET 2011

it's unlikely (impossible) to have both SSH and HTTPS accessing on the same port… SSH usually runs on port 22, have you tried that port?  You can check to see what ports are open on your system by issuing the netstat command:

  netstat -an


On 31 Oct 2011, at 12:47, Giuliano Monti Avellino wrote:

> I do have an asterisk installation and it is working without problem. I can access thru https://external_ip:8101/admin/ to manage the pbx with freepbx.
> I can access the container even from inside the network and vnc without problem,
> but i can not access any the container from outside internet using ssh external_ip:8101
> Can somebody help me out with this please.
> Giuliano
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