[PVE-User] Change pve-data path...

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It might be stupid idea, but why don't you mount a different harddisk for the same location? 
under linux you can easily do this. You can create an another lvm structure and you can modify the /etc/fstab file to automaticly mount the new lvm volume.
All you need is to copy the data from the original folder to the new location before you mount the new lvm volume to the final place.

Sorry for my English.


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Tárgy: [PVE-User] Change pve-data path...

Hi folks.... 

I need change the pve-data to point to different hard disk... 
I had installed system-config-lvm to change LVM structure, but when I reboot the server, it's also lost pve-root... 
I can't understand why this happen, 'cause I change just erase pve-data and add pv-data, that point to other hard disk... 

Someone can help me??? 


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