[PVE-User] re HBA raid, storage best practices - NFS & iSCSI

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Sun Oct 16 10:36:13 CEST 2011

We need apparently a block device for online snapshots.

We are by own decision using (by own trial and error) iSCSI under LVM 
for our webservers virtual hard drives etc where we need 100% uptime. 
This is working fine but is less dynamic for us than NFS.

We did use NFS and the VMs will then by same backup spec use suspend 
instead of online meaning they will freeze for like 5 minutes while 
backup runs. I don't like that for the less uptime.

For all other storage, for end users, for webhosting space etc we use 
NFS for the simplicity of mgmt.

On 10/15/2011 11:54 PM, Tonči Stipičević wrote:
> Hi to all,
> I have cuople of issues:
> 1. ibm x3200 has HBA (host-based-adapter) LSI 1046E hdd controller 
> that also can handle raid10 arrays
> So debian (proxmox 1.9) recognises it as raid controler and accepts 
> raid 10 array and sees it as one drive (made of 4) . So the lsi 1046e 
> driver is there.
> but neverthelss debian does not provide monitoring for this controller 
> and we are not able to retrieve raid-health-state which could be (is) 
> very important !
> How to aproach to this issue?
> We cannot be notified in the case one drive fails...
> In order to monitor riad array we can only look at the server...
> Is it wise to use it (HBA hdd (raid) adapter) or not ? (since we've 
> got one)
> 2. end-user has netapp FAS2020A as storage
> So what would be optimal aproach:
> 1. from my point of view NFS share (for VMs and proxmox cluster) seems 
> to be very good. NFS is native netapp format anyway ...
> but we cannot make online backups (but we could take advantages of 
> netapp snapshots ... every day another snapshot of hddxx.raw file)
> 2. if we make iscsi connection to netapp and lvm partition on top of 
> it than we can make online backups etc.
> So I kindly ask, if somebody , that has tested pros and cons of NFS 
> and ISCSI towards netapp storage, can share some expirience and advices
> about this proxmox-storage combination ?
> thank you very much in advance
> and best regards
> Tonci Stipicevic
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>> Good Day,
>> Please, I installed PVE on my HP Proliant Microserver successfully, but
>> when I ran a virtual machine to install Windows or Linux OS, the Open
>> VNC console is showing blank page; Please I need your help.
>> Thanks in advance
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