[PVE-User] I thought Proxmox VE was free?

Paul Gray gray at cs.uni.edu
Mon Oct 10 20:25:42 CEST 2011

On 10/10/2011 12:46 PM, obj at jltechinc.com wrote:
> If someone could just add one single statement on the subscription page,
> this will all go away, and you will see a spike in the downloading of
> Proxmox VE and possibly the Mail gateway.

It looks to me like the thread that you linked to has one person who is 
misinformed.  The thread also concludes with solid corrections to the 
one person's misunderstanding.

So, being the curmudgeon that I am, my recommendation would be that the 
PVE developers' time would be better spent working on the things that 
the PVE developers spend their time on; rather than rewriting otherwise 
clearly-articulated content of their paid support web pages with the 
sole objective of converting one person who clearly cannot grok the 
paradigm of open source.

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