[PVE-User] Bond0 device for Net interface

Giuliano Natali diaolin at diaolin.com
Mon Oct 10 08:39:30 CEST 2011

Alessandro Briosi wrote:
> Il 09/10/2011 17:07, Inderjit Singh ha scritto:
>> Hello ,
>> We are using shorewall with Proxmox. Issue is *net to FW* traffic not
>> working but *dmz to FW* is working fine. Our requirement is all
>> traffic goes to *Net to FW* . Please provide suggestions.
> Imho the rule
> net all DROP
> must be put after the
> net $FW ACCEPT
> net log REJECT
> Otherwise it's applied before.

I think the best way to use shorewall is to
write a policy like

all all DROP info (if you want to see where is the block)

and use the rules to enable the traffic between what you want

Then test the connection
if shorewall blocks a packet you will find a log like this

shorewall: dmz2net DROP etc. etc

Use this to write the rule

My additional cent to alessandro :-)


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