[PVE-User] WG: Severe error w. posibility of data loss

Holger Ernst he at ernstdatenmedien.de
Mon Nov 28 18:10:20 CET 2011

Hi Dietmar,

I am sorry that obviously I am unable to state my point clearly but I'll try again: 
I dont think it is neccessary to implement a full lock here because as you already said, the ISCSI device should not be used like this. 
But you could prevent something going bad if you change the delete routine so that it only deletes partitions which are already in use by the particular vm (and this info can easyly be obtained from the <id>.cfg file). 

So someone who accidentially used the wrong ISCSI device would not accidentially make things worse by deleting what he has done...

Best regards, Holger

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Von: Dietmar Maurer [mailto:dietmar at proxmox.com] 
Gesendet: Montag, 28. November 2011 14:20
An: Holger Ernst
Betreff: RE: [PVE-User] WG: Severe error w. posibility of data loss

> That is always a posibility - and is a very convenient way to (not) discuss;-)

We already told you the reason why we can't implement it - it is a purely technical reason.

> The fact remains: Proxmox deletes partitions which are not currently assigned to
> the vm.
> If you want it to act like this, keep it like this. I just gave some feedback...

Just tell me a way to implement locking?

- Dietmar

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