[PVE-User] OpenVZ container on LVM

Michał Szamocki mszamocki at cirrus.pl
Fri Nov 25 08:27:54 CET 2011


> Multiple storages for OpenVZ container, no limit to /var/lib/vz anymore!!!

VZDump has snapshot mode. It checks if container private directory is mounted Logical Volume, make LV snapshot and create tar from this snapshot. Nice feature.

All my CT's are one separate LV's because I use DRBD in PRIMARY-PRIMARY mode to move CT's between HN's quickly. It also allows me to portion disk space more safely (now you have to count summary space of all CT's and compare witch storage size) and run fsck for each CT's. It WORKS.

I vote for ability to create CT's on LVM storage. You made first step. Now you have to add some code to activate and mount LV before starting CT and umount-> deactivate after stopping CT. Maybe some hooks; for example, to run scripts to control DRBD?

Michał Szamocki

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