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James Mills james.mills at overthewire.com.au
Fri Nov 25 04:19:14 CET 2011

Hi guys,

According to this page:



Beginning with 1.4 Beta, Proxmox VE introduces a new and very flexible
storage model. Virtual machine images can be stored on local storage (and
more than one local storage type is supported) as well as on shared storage
like NFS and on SAN (e.g. using iSCSI). Using replicated DRBD devices is
also possible.
All storage definitions are synchronized throughout the Proxmox VE Cluster,
therefore it's just a matter of minutes before a SAN configuration usable
on all Proxmox VE Cluster nodes.
There are no limits! You may configure as many storage definitions as you
One major benefit of storing VM´s on shared storage is the ability to
live-migrate running machines without any downtime, as all compute nodes in
the cluster have direct access to VM disk images.
Note: Currently only KVM guests can benefit from these enhancements, OpenVZ
containers must be located on local storage.

See the "Note" above.

Is this still the case with the latest ProxMox VE?


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