[PVE-User] Install on >2TB

Lars Wilke lw at lwilke.de
Tue Nov 22 00:26:09 CET 2011


currently i am trying to install proxmox 1.9 via KVM with an ISO Image on a
remote server (Hoster). But the install fails with:

   unable to create data volume at /usr/bin/proxinstall line 570

googling i found a Forum post mentioning that an installation is not possible
on drives >2TB. Is this still true and/or is there any way to select a partition
instead of the whole drive? Also, the Hoster i am using is offering Debian 6.0
preinstalls, afaik i can not use these to install Proxmox via packages, right?

So i have to use the beta or get sneaky and install in an image file ... any
other options?


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