[PVE-User] Proxmox VE 2.0 beta2 released!

Alain Péan alain.pean at lpp.polytechnique.fr
Fri Nov 18 15:59:31 CET 2011

Le 18/11/2011 15:34, Alain Péan a écrit :
> Le 18/11/2011 15:31, Martin Maurer a écrit :
>>> Thanks for the answer. So I removed vzdump, and seems to install 
>>> correctly.
>>> But now, I can't start a VM, which is a 2003 R2 server :
>>> In the web management interface, I got this :
>>> "Method 'PUT /api2/extjs/nodes/lx-ape3/qemu/101/status' not implemented
>>> (501)"
>>> And trying with CLI, I have this message :
>>> root at lx-ape3:~# qm start 101
>>> *** EHCI support is under development ***
>> [Martin Maurer]
>> You can ignore this message. Do you have USB passthrough for this 
>> guest? Try without.
>> Martin
> Hi Martin,
> It was in fact an error. The VM is indeed started. But the start 
> button is not greyed out. This was misleading me.
> No, I have no PCI passthrough for this VM.
> Thanks,
> Alain

Hi again,

The machine is started, I see it in console windows. But I have problems 
to access it, which are different under Firefox or IE (I am using win 7 
64 bit SP1).

My version of Firefox is 8. It does not display the state of the VM. IE 
9 is displaying correctly the state (VM name, CPU used etc...). But 
under IE9, I have no access no console tab, but a 'monitor' tab, I can't 
access it, this message is displayed : "Type 'help' for help."...

Under Firefox 8, I cannot send CAD, I have again the error :
"Method 'PUT /api2/extjs/nodes/lx-ape3/qemu/101/status' not implemented 

So I cannot access my VM by console, and not remotely either (it's a 
test VM and host).

Perhaps, I'll try to install Chrome to test with it.


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