[PVE-User] Win2003 SBS Migration with Clonezilla

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Wed Nov 9 14:14:58 CET 2011

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> Hi list,
> just managed to workout a migration of a physical win2003 to KVM-VM using
> the Clonezilla-method.
> I used IDE-Bus for the created virtual Harddisk.
> Now i really would like to know if there's an easy way to convert the the IDE to
> Virtio, as it is often said, this is the better choice for Windows.

Short howto:
- power off the VM
- add a small new virtio disk
- power on
- install virtio drivers from http://alt.fedoraproject.org/pub/alt/virtio-win/latest/images/bin/virtio-win-0.1-15.iso
- poweroff
- go again to the hardware tab and remove the IDE disk
- add the unused disk but using virtio
- start


> Or should i just leave it to IDE, because the performance gain isn't this
> significant?
> Thanks
> Sascha
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