[PVE-User] What effect would changing the motherboard have on Proxmox?

Bruce B bruceb444 at gmail.com
Sat May 21 09:07:26 CEST 2011

Thanks. So, it did break the vmbidge and the whole GUI for proxmox.

/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules was the file I edited and
commented all the e1000 and igb lines. Restarted and now I can ping and see
the Proxmox GUI. I checked the persistent-net file again but there are no
lines added and my commented lines are still there. Hope this doesn't change
anything in the short or long run.

Much thanks for all the great tips I got here.

On Wed, May 18, 2011 at 4:34 AM, Felix Krohn <felix.krohn at ovh.net> wrote:

> * Bruce B <bruceb444 at gmail.com> [2011-05-17 17:54]:
> >    So, if I take out the HDDs and attach to the new board, should I
> expect
> >    Proxmox to come up fine and all the KVMs and VMs to run smoothly after
> it
> >    finds the new board?
> In my experience yes, although udev might rename your network
> interfaces, thus breaking vmbridge connectivity.
> Cleaning up /etc/udev/rules.d/*persistent-net.rules (removing the lines
> with the old MAC address) should be enough to fix or prevent this (be
> careful, this line will be re-created during boot-up)
> About the raid thing: don't use fakeraid :)
> As Martin says, real hardware RAID is the best option, but that doesn't
> mean that regular Linux SoftRaid (mdadm) won't work - it does work, but
> isn't supported officially.
> Best regards,
> Felix
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