[PVE-User] What effect would changing the motherboard have on Proxmox?

Martin Maurer martin at proxmox.com
Wed May 18 09:52:02 CEST 2011


Take a deeper look on the raid functionality on the board, I assume this is a 'fake raid' controller, not supported by Proxmox VE. We always encourage people to use real hardware raid.

Network on the host needs probably some new settings due to the changed MAC addresses.

The VM´s should not have any issues - this is one of the main benefits using virtualization - easy moving to new hardware platforms.

Br, martin

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Hi everyone,

I understand this might be more of a Debian forum question but the application in question is indeed Proxmox and I am hoping I get some expert advise from here.

I have Supermicro server which I want to replace the board for a different version. I am not sure how different the other board is in terms of it's chipset but I do not that the Intel NIC chipset is different a bit. So, might the graphic card chipset. However, I am keeping the same CPU, and RAM chips. I am in fact transferring CPU and RAM onto the new board. The new board also support Raid in mirror configuration which was what I chose to do on the other server which supported 3x SATA but I had only 2x HDDs and I think proxmox set them in RAID 1 mirror configuration anyhow.

So, if I take out the HDDs and attach to the new board, should I expect Proxmox to come up fine and all the KVMs and VMs to run smoothly after it finds the new board?

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