[PVE-User] Virtual Machines configs

Holger Ernst he at ernstdatenmedien.de
Wed May 11 13:58:15 CEST 2011

Hi  Jeremi
if I am not mal informed this will come in version 2.0
Until then you should have /etc/quemu-server at hand.
I  copy that w. cronjobs from  one to the other ... no rocket science
Regards, Holgi 

2011/5/7 Germain Maurice <germain.maurice at linkfluence.net>

	Hi Elbandi,
	I  have a five node cluster, connected to SAN storage (using
AoE), and i have to keep on each node the all vms config i have over the
cluster to make them running if a node has to fail.

Isn't that handled automatically by the Proxmox's cluster management
layer ???


	Here is my way of doing that (executed each minute, maybe too
	If a node fails, you just have to copy the vm config file from
backup directory to the main directory.
	/sbin/sync-vms-config.sh :

This means that without such a script if, say, host01 running VM01 from
a shared storage fails... I won't be able to launch VM01 from host02 ???

I understood that there was no automatic failover (hardly waiting 2.0
:-P ), but I surely didn't understood that I had to spread and keep the
configs in sync by my way ?!

Thanks in advance for any clarification

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