[PVE-User] Extending Logical Volume on host, but not in the guest

Yacine Kheddache yacine at alyseo.com
Thu Mar 3 19:29:22 CET 2011


You forget to resize the FS as well, see :

If you can not umount /dev/vdb within the VM, then you can do the FS
resize from pve (on the LV itself).


On Thu, 2011-03-03 at 18:52 +0100, Germain Maurice wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I'm using a Coraid storage with aoe driver, so every the disks images of 
> the VMs are logical volumes as this :
> # lvdisplay -C
>    vm-300-disk-1 SAS -wi-ao 10.00G
>    vm-101-disk-1 SATA  -wi-a- 32.00G
> Inside my guest /dev/vdb is 10GB.
> I'm testing the ability to extend partitions inside VMs, so i did a :
> # lvextend -L+5g /dev/SAS/vm-300-disk-1
> # lvdisplay -C
>    vm-300-disk-1 SAS -wi-ao 15.00G
>    vm-101-disk-1 SATA  -wi-a- 32.00G
> When i'm testing this extending in the VM, i still have /dev/vdb with 
> 10GB...
> Is it possible to do that ?
> What command i forgot to execute ??
> Thank you

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