[PVE-User] OpenVZ containers on separate LVM's

Dietmar Maurer dietmar at proxmox.com
Tue Mar 1 06:08:31 CET 2011

> About year ago I was writing about extending Proxmox with creating separate
> LVM for each OpenVZ container. My experience with this configuration is now
> quite good but I had to write some wrappers for vzctl, vzdump and vzrestore and
> tweak PVE/ConfigServer.pm.
> My firm is very interested in extending Proxmox with such feature cause we are
> rebuilding our cluster. Our current concern is choosing LVM VG before creating
> new container in Proxmox management panel. Is possible to get your and
> community support for this extension? Maybe you can add it in Proxmox 2.0?

This is clearly an OpenVZ feature extensions. It would be nice if vzctl can handle to mount block devices.

I suggest to contact the OpenVZ and request those feature. Last time 'kir' responded that he is not
particularly interested because there customers do not need that feature.

How large is you patch? If you send the patch we can see how complex/intrusive it is ;-)

- Dietmar

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