[PVE-User] sharing folders with windows guests

ej e.djack.s+mvk at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 18:30:18 CEST 2011


I'm interested in setting up a shared folder between a windows XP guest and
my proxmox host.   The unique (to me) part of this request is that I don't
want to rely on the traditional network based approaches such as
NFS/SSHFS/CIFS from *within* the guest OS.  One of the nice things about
virtualbox is that I can setup shared folders with my windows guest and the
host OS even when the guest is using VPN that would prevent it from
accessing local network shares like what would be available through NFS,

I've read about the virtfs functionality within KVM, and see that it is
available within the version of KVM included with my 1.8 installation, but I
cannot find any reference to using that functionality with a windows guest.

Does anyone know of a way to setup r/w access from both guest and host OS
w/o relying upon the guests' network?  Can we share a mount to a local file
(as a raw partition) as RW simultaneously?

I hope that my request is clear.. I appreciate any insight from this

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