[PVE-User] How to change bridge ehternet interface?

Holger Ernst he at ernstdatenmedien.de
Mon Jul 11 16:17:20 CEST 2011

Hi Claudio,

You can change the relation between bridge and virtual interface in the GUI.

New VM: In the dialog, in the network section.

Existing vm: Go to hardware, add another ethernet device (click on the upper small white arrow w. red background pointing down). Here you can define the type of interface and the asociated bridge. Delete the old one afterwards (again: ist the arrow left of the defined interface in the hardware section)

These arrows are not really self explanatory...

Regards, Holger

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Hello all,

I use Proxmox VE 1.8. My question is: How i can change the bridge
interface on a network interface? Or, more simple, where i can find the
association between VMID, Network interface and bridge?

I have looked at /etc/qemu-server/[vmid].conf, but there i find only
similar to this:

vlan0: rtl8139=26:EC:82:B1:16:3C

But, where is defined the Vlan0 is associated to vmbr0?

I need this to make a running copy of the machine, but without internet
or any other access... so i make a vmbr3 with none ethernet card
associated, but now i don't know how to change the vmbr[x] on an
existent virtual machine....

Any help is well accepted.



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