[PVE-User] VM windows 2008 issue.

Alain Péan alain.pean at lpp.polytechnique.fr
Fri Jul 1 13:37:44 CEST 2011

Hi Holger,

Le 01/07/2011 12:34, Holger Ernst a écrit :
> Hi Alain,
> you use virtio NIC on Win2008 without problems? We swithced back to 
> e1000 while having severe problems (loss of connectivity) when 
> handling large data files (50GB).

Yes, I use virtio NIC with no apparent problem, but with the latest 
drivers from Fedora. In fact, I had previously some problems with e1000 
(the drivers available with windows 2008 iso seems to work, but in fact 
not correctly, and I had to use the ones downloaded from Intel 
directly). But I am not transferring big files, it is for example for 
domain controllers.

For file servers, I am still using physical machines, one reason being 
that I have much more storage space available.


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